The Most Forward-Thinking Booking Engine Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Some booking engines just make reservations

The Regatta booking engine makes hotels more profitable.

Regatta Travel Solutions gives hotels the competitive advantage over OTAs with our patent-pending Room Utilization Suite. With functionality never before seen in the industry, Regatta gives you more tools to reach travelers. Your customers get a better booking experience with more options and more flexibility. Even the largest OTAs can’t keep up.

The system is widely used by independent hotels and hotel chains to increase direct booking volume. For the hotelier, Regatta removes the complexity so you can master the latest revenue management techniques. For the consumer, Regatta allows them to book online in an extremely flexible and easy way.

Regatta Goes Further

Offering more exclusive features than any other booking engine to:

We level the online playing field giving you the competitive advantage over the OTAs
Forward thinking revenue management tools enable hotels to capture previously untapped opportunities
We drive qualified leads to convert on your customized, user-friendly booking engine.

See how we made it happen

One of the largest hotel chains in Mexico dramatically improved revenue after switching to Regatta

Since You Can’t Outspend the OTAs... Outsmart Them

With Regatta’s Industry Leading Room Utilization Suite

Here are a few of the powerful features that set Regatta apart from the competition

In 2011, Regatta became the first booking engine to give hotels the ability to drive incremental revenue by optimizing country-specific pricing.

Our booking engine is the only system that can book two different room types when you are almost full.

If a traveler is willing to change rooms during their 7 night stay, they can book through our exclusive technology. Every other online channel shows NO AVAILABILTY.

Additionally, you can attach promotions to room combination bookings and compensate the guest for the inconvenience of changing rooms during their stay.

Make your length of stay restrictions work for you—Capture lost revenue during peak season by filling gaps!

The Regatta booking engine dynamically adjusts the Minimum LOS giving you more availability when you need it most.

When the hotel has set a minimum length of stay during peak periods, gap dates will form that are below the minimum length of stay. These gaps effectively make your hotel invisible to your distribution channels.

Regatta’s exclusive MinLOS allows you to truly maximize revenue by dynamically adjusting the minimum LOS and selling the gaps.

For example, a hotel has set a minimum length of stay restriction from December 15 – January 3 of 5 nights. At the end of November, the hotel is sold out from the 15th to 26th and again from the 30th to the 3rd, leaving the 27th through 29th open but unavailable due to the 5 night restriction. Our system recognizes this opportunity and dynamically adjusts the LOS to fit the gap.

No more rooms left empty during peak seasons.

Hotels using the 24-hour Hold tool are seeing higher conversion rates and are able to directly influence the booking decision of their potential guests.

24-Hour Hold: Similar to the technology used in the airline industry, Regatta patented this tool for the hotel sector. When guests place a room ‘on hold’ for 24-hours, the hotel gets an alert with the intended travel dates and can make adjustments to inventory as necessary. After 20 hours, the system sends an email to the guest to finalize the booking. Hotels even have the option to add a discount to encourage the booking.

Group business is very lucrative, but can monopolize your time
Here is how it works with our group housing tool: Create the room block...And you are done!

Give your brides a unique link to share with her guests. When someone books using that link, they get the group rate and the room comes out of the block.

The work is done! A process that would have otherwise taken valuable time over the phone is now easily managed online!

If there are any modifications, we’ll handle them.

You can even customize the group’s booking page with a picture of the bride and groom.

The absolute best time to gain supplemental revenue is when the traveler is booking. Sell your spa, your restaurant or anything else at the ideal time.

Get your brand in front of travelers ready to book.

We offer you the expertise that our team has acquired through years of experience in the industry to drive qualified traffic to your site. Our partnership with the internet’s top travel site allows you to win business back from the OTAs.

You are the one with rooms to sell. We believe you should be the ones selling them.

Regatta Goes Above and Beyond

The Regatta booking engine makes hotels more profitable.

When you sign with Regatta, you get more than a widget to put on your website. You get an experienced team that works with you as an extension of your online marketing team.

Our focus is growing hotel revenue online and we can help you.

Our marketing team aims to reach travelers at the point of purchase and complement your TripAdvisor profile with metasearch marketing.

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Our Hotel Clients Benefit From

Regatta’s Room Utilization Suite of promotional tools
Marketing support to grow your online strategy
Customizable booking engine design that flows with look and feel of hotel website
No annual renewal fees
No monthly booking volume penalties
Partnerships with leading PMS, GDS and Channel Manager providers

Regatta Never Stops Innovating

We are constantly striving to think outside the box and resolve common frustrations customers experience with other booking platforms.

If you are forward thinking wanting the best booking technology on your website, we want to hear from you.

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