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Regatta Travel Solutions Team

We are proud to say that Regatta Travel Solutions is a future-focused company with a track record of exceeding the expectations of our clients, whether they are a boutique independent hotel or a major tourism destination. Our technology and our team are versatile and dynamic, able to quickly adapt and evolve in the ever-changing landscape of travel online sales and distribution.

Regatta Travel Solutions was founded in 2010 with a vision to provide small independent hotels the tools needed to compete in the online travel space. A state-of-the-art booking engine, a user-friendly extranet and strong connectivity partnerships were the foundation of our business—and still are. From then, Regatta has grown both in technology and scope. Today, we are a travel technology company that leverages software, marketing and connectivity to develop and deploy our clients’ online business. Clients now include independent hotels, hotel chains, attractions, group/sports housing and destinations worldwide.

Regatta grows every day, developing new technology and revolutionizing the industry as we go. An example of our innovation is our patented 24-Hour Hold function. An idea taken from the airline industry, the 24-Hour Hold allows guests to reserve a room and rate for 24 hours before confirming their reservation. The hotel can then decide whether they would like to offer this guest an additional time-sensitive incentive to book depending on hotel occupancy for dates selected. It has opened a new opportunity for hotels to manage revenue and gives guests the added personalization that is a driving force in the industry. It is used by 85% of our hotels and has led to a 30% increase in our overall conversion rates.

Regatta’s mission is to assist our clients to grow their online direct sales in a forward-thinking, measurable and cost-effective manner through technology, marketing and connectivity. It is these three pillars of our business model combined with the talent of our team that have led us to our current success.

Our Team

Ashwin Kamlani


Arancha Santos

Director of Operations

Martha Valdivia

Director of Latin America and Caribbean

Holly Settle

Groups/Sports Housing & Customer Service

David McFarland


Angel Monticelli


Agustín Saldías

Technology Lead

Michael Shipe

Digital Marketing

Morgan Lewis

Operations Support

Jaideep Advani

Director of Product Development