The Leading Booking Solution for DMOs

Offer your hotel partners and activity providers the best platform where you can create unique packages to showcase your destination

Why Regatta?

Our solution is for forward thinking DMOs who really want to make a difference. We focus on working directly with hotels to ensure that when a customer decides to book a hotel on a DMO site, they have the best user experience possible, and find the best deals available.

The goal is to capture a customer who would normally book through Expedia or Travelocity and getting them to book through the DMO at a fraction of the cost to the hotel. Your hotels are looking for ways to attract more business at a lower cost. Are you ready to step up to the plate?

You have a strong, credible brand, the largest marketing budget for your destination and better knowledge of the reasons why people visit.

You have the buy-in from all of your suppliers. What you are missing is the right technology and partnerships to convert your website visitors into bookers.

Regatta Builds Online Booking Success for DMOs/CVBs

Having the best booking technology is the most important first step you could take, but it is also important to have a partner that manages all of the many factors that play into the success of a booking engine on your DMO site. When you sign with Regatta, we:

Make it easy for you to build unique packages with your accommodations and activities
Build relationships with local partners and suppliers
Distribute rates and inventory through tactical marketing programs
Monitor and track return on investment and optimize marketing campaigns
Act as the destination’s REVENUE MANAGER to drive more sales
Work hand in hand with the destination to generate more bookings specific to each destination
Customize our booking solution to meet the needs of the destination
Work with suppliers to increase the volume of bookings directly through their own websites, as well as the destination website
Constantly innovate through feedback from our DMO and hotel clients

Not Just as Good as an OTA... Better than an OTA

When a customer visits a DMO website, they should feel like they have struck gold. The DMO needs to be the supreme source of the most in-depth and up to date information about the destination... anywhere.

The booking process should be just as exhilarating for the consumer. They should be able to search for accommodations in ways that no other website allows them to do so that they feel the DMO has helped them find the perfect option for them. They should find options and deals available to them that are not available anywhere else.

Our Model: A Winning Formula for DMOs/CVBs

Process & Timeline

After contract signing, Regatta can typically have the booking engine up and running in about 3 weeks. We can launch the project with hotels that use our GDS connectivity without any involvement from the hotels. After an introduction to the suppliers, Regatta builds relationships with each supplier. For hotels that do not have access to the GDS, we provide them with a quick, easy and automated way to supply content, rates, inventory and special promotions. We activate marketing activities for hotels as they come online.

There is very little if any involvement needed from the DMO. Our goal is not to create an administrative burden for you. If desired, Regatta can handle everything, but the DMO may be as involved as they choose to be. We find that the more DMO involvement in terms of formulating marketing programs or packages, and rallying the suppliers to get involved, the better the program works for everyone.

Regatta Goes Above and Beyond

The Regatta booking engine makes hotels more profitable.

When you sign with Regatta, you get more than a widget to put on your website. You get an experienced team that works with you as an extension of your online marketing team.

Our focus is growing hotel revenue online and we can help you.

Our marketing team aims to reach travelers at the point of purchase and complement your TripAdvisor profile with metasearch marketing.

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Regatta Never Stops Innovating

We are constantly striving to think outside the box and resolve common frustrations customers experience with other booking platforms.

If you are forward thinking wanting the best booking technology on your website, we want to hear from you.

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